Flying Lead Squad Pictures, Round One!

I’m done with my 2 squads for Flying Lead. I broke out my latex Zuzzy mat for the photos, and now my office smells like an explosion in a condom factory. You’d think after a couple of years, the smell would go away. Oh, well–here are the photos.
Space Marines in Legio Martial campaign colors
The Most Unimaginatively Painted Genestealers Ever, qty 12
I used Vallejo satin varnish on all of the figures. It gives power armor a nice moderate shine, and does the same job for crunchy bug exoskeletons. Oh, and remember when I said I was out of Vallejo matt varnish? Turns out the bottle was just hiding from me, and it’s actually Vallejo glaze medium that I’m out of. At least I have the matt varnish for clothing, so I can do my Imperial Guardsmen or Scouts the next time I get the urge to paint.
The paint jobs on both are on the sucky-but-serviceable side, which bugs me, but I can console myself with the thought that badly painted still beats unpainted any day of the week. I’ll have to get more practice in and shake off the rust.

My next project: do lots of cover and LOS breaking items so the Genestealers have a fair chance against all that firepower.

4 thoughts on “Flying Lead Squad Pictures, Round One!

  1. Paraplegic Racehorse

    Looking good. Are the claws white-ish, or is that glare from the lighting?

    On the mat, if it continued to out-gas like that, it would wind up in the dumpster pretty quickly in this house.

  2. Mel Ebbles

    The claws were originally a really nice shade of graphite that I mixed from VGC Black and VGC Gunmetal Metal. After the disastrous black wash of death, that was knocked down to a metallic near-black that didn't stand out enough. I ended up highlighting them with pure Gunmetal Metal for contrast, so what you're seeing is metallic glare off the claws.

    Those Genestealers didn't go as planned at all. It was something of a comedy of errors from start to finish, but fortunately the end result is usable even if it's disappointing.

    As far as the outgassing goes, it was pretty unexpected, and I hadn't taken it out of its package in a pretty long time. I'm certainly not buying another one of those stinky things from Zuzzy.


  3. Fl0ydski

    Nice, clean, neat & simple paint jobs that get the job done. Really like the black stealers, a lot. Might have to go that route for mine as well!

  4. Mel Ebbles

    Thanks! I don't think I'd paint them black again, though. The association with black primer is too strong, so they kind of look unfinished.


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