Photoshop CS5 Extended first impressions

Photoshop CS5 Extended and the external hard drive arrived yesterday!
Still waiting for the new computer, but curiosity got the best of me. I installed the CS5 Extended tryout on my old notebook because I didn’t want to waste a product activation on the old hardware. I had a bit of a play around with the new 3D features–as expected, the poor dear doesn’t have the graphics horsepower to make full use of these new features, but it wasn’t completely unusable.

That image above is 100% Photoshop–I didn’t even fire up Carrara or anything like that. I imported the Despoiler as a 3D layer, set it up to use image-based lighting, and then grabbed some cheesy overcast sky background off the Internet and dropped that into a layer below it. I’m actually surprised it turned out okay. I still prefer Carrara 8’s renderer for box art and promos, but Photoshop’s renderer is easily good enough for instructions and Workbench snapshots.

I did another quickie test to see if PSD files with embedded 3D content would still load in

And they do! That’ll simplify instructions quite a bit. It’ll be nice not to have to fire up Carrara just to do instructions.

5 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 Extended first impressions

  1. emergencyoverride

    Dude, that actually looks sweet, old hardware or not. 🙂 It also looks suitably spooky like it is descending through the clouds to waylay some unsuspecting free earth forces. I would not like to look up and see that coming down from on high..

  2. Werewolf8

    the despoiler rules, I really need to build one. The photoshop looks good though.

  3. Vermin King

    Looks like the plan is coming together. Just think how sweet it will be when the new notebook arrives …

  4. Will

    You could do little (example:rotation animations) right in CS5 extended to make some nice dynamic Display pieces fairly quickly.

  5. Christopher Roe

    EO: There's a great black/white photo of a Mi-24 Hind gunship taken from a really terrifying head-on POV. I want to imitate that shot with a Despoiler eventually. 😀

    WW8: That'd be nice. I've only seen one other person post build shots of a Despoiler (Solospirit). It's a cute model, there should be more photos of it! That reminds me, must create gallery on forum.

    VK: Yeah. I've been checking and checking and checking my order status like some sort of nimrod for the past few days. I'm excited, impatient, and can't wait for it to show up.

    Will: Are you serious? I haven't gotten that far into the documentation yet, but if it's really that quick and easy, I'll be over the moon.

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