A few days’ worth of breaktime doodling

Something I’ve been picking away at during my breaks over the past few days.

I was going for something that was inspired by the Blade Runner spinner, the floating police cars from The Fifth Element, the Carbon Motors E7 police car, a dash of Blue Thunder, and an extra serving of Syd Mead on the side.

A black/white color scheme immediately leapt to mind, naturally, but that sort of bored me a little because…come on, that’s too easy. A bit of research and some trawling through photos of police schemes from around the world later, I decided I wanted to do a retroreflective Battenburg scheme. The colors were easy once I settled on the scheme: a blue base color because of the aforementioned Blade Runner/Fifth Element/Blue Thunder influences, and white is a good trim color for this shade of blue. You can’t see it from this angle, but there are also yellow/red hazard panels on the back slope.

I wanted the lines to be as clean and sleek as possible, so all of the lights are low profile. That’s where the Carbon E7 police car influenced the design–there are lights at each corner of the vehicle, on the top and bottom. That way, they’re equally visible from above, from below, to the sides, from the front, and from the back, which you’d kind of want with a flying police car.

Still not done, mind you, but I figured you guys would like to see it anyway.

16 thoughts on “A few days’ worth of breaktime doodling

  1. Vermin King

    Of all the wonderful things you have done, this one is the one that screams 'Gotta have it!' more than any other.

    Truly inspired piece of work there

  2. Sithcundman

    Excellent!! ("Boyish enthusiasm" excellent, not "Mr Burns" excellent)

    Not saying what I'm prepared to do to get my mitts on this, just quietly checking the times of the next Granny-Auction

  3. Werewolf8

    that looks awesome. how about a longer nose version too that can house some mgs. 8)

  4. Christopher Roe

    I'm glad you guys like it. 🙂

    WW8: It'd be more visually interesting to take a pair of Uppity Robots machine guns, slice off the grips and square off the bottoms, and glue them to the inside of the front pods, flush against the nose. You could probably mount a pair of grenade launchers right above them as well–it'd look like something out of Star Wars.

  5. Anonymous

    Chris(mel)this looks great glad to see you've got back your paper model mojo.


  6. John C. Morrison

    I forgot to comment on this. I have always loved your police models, they are the reason I got into Ebbleverse in the first place. This will be a good addition to my "Patlabour" set!

  7. Paraplegic Racehorse

    Man, that would go so very well with some of the street judge figures from 15mm.co.uk – except it's probably not in scale.

    It's lovely, Chris, just lovely. Now, do a taxicab variant because taxi cos so frequently buy former police vehicles.

  8. Christopher Roe


    Paraplegic_Racehorse: Taxi and bus are actually in the lineup right after this! Considering how ubiquitous they are in giant cities like NYC, I figured building a bucketload of taxis and buses would make the streets look a little less empty while I round out the vehicle fleet some more. So, it made sense to do those next.

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