Of automotive colors, job transitions, and so forth

 Continuing the Veloce Brio work-in-progress…
I mentioned in a previous post that I had some rules for this model that I wasn’t allowed to deviate from for the sake of verisimilitude, and the biggest one was to try and think like an automotive stylist rather than somebody who designs military/industrial equipment. The second half of that is in choosing colors.
Over the years, I’ve had a selection of “safe” colors that I used across most of my models. Instead of using those, I decided I needed to change things up and do a manufacturer-specific palette for each vehicle. For the Brio, there are 12 colors–6 of them are bright colors, and 6 of them are more toned-down colors. I even gave the colors cutesy manufacturer catalog names.
The bright colors:

Nebula Blue

Quasar Green

Pulsar Pink

Plasma Purple

Flare Red

Solar Yellow

And the standard colors:



Storm Gray




And there you have it, the manufacturer-specific palette for the Brio. For each vehicle in this series, I’ll be doing the same thing, and each palette will be different. That way, when you have a whole bunch of vehicles done and you put them on the tabletop, there will be a pleasingly realistic color variance across all the different makes and models. Not all vehicles will have 12 schemes–each vehicle is going to get whatever selection of colors makes the most sense for it.
I’m also in the process of working out a few details with Denny on the subject of releasing this model. I have to stress something right now–this wasn’t originally intended to be an actual release, but it kind of suddenly turned into a full product before I knew it. I pinged him the other night to explain things and asked him what he thought of releasing this model, and he liked the idea. 
He had a few suggestions that I’m still working through, and then there’s the matter of transitioning from the old Ebbles branding to the new.
Yes, I even have a picture for that. Well, two.
Model Frame

Instruction Page
I’ve incorporated the official WWG page key and whatnot into my frame templates, which you can see above. I think that wraps up the transition to my new job.
Now, the reason I emphasized the fact that this was essentially an accidental product is because in the future, when I know something is actually intended to be a WWG product, there’s a good chance that I’m going to be posting the Workbench articles for that product on the WWG forum instead of here.

12 thoughts on “Of automotive colors, job transitions, and so forth

  1. Tommygun

    Oh yes, I think these colors are perfect for Infinity and any SciFi setting that doesn't emphasize grim dark.
    I get the feeling from reading at various web sites that there maybe a little fatigue with the always dark setting that dominates many gaming systems.
    It's not that people don't still want a gritty setting, but rather would also like to see a variety.

  2. emergencyoverride

    Very nice colors and good to see the transition pics! Makes it easier for you in the future when all of the ground work needed to switch over is taken care of early on.Can't wait to see what's next.

  3. RRatliff

    Let us know when it goes gold. I miss stuff all the time on the WWG site for some reason.


  4. Christopher Roe

    Might be a while before that happens. I still haven't gotten the hang of doing realistic glass. The hand painted window style I've been doing for the last couple of years isn't good enough for WWG, so I have to learn and practice a new way of doing it.

    From Monday morning onwards, though, I'm slammed again, so I don't know when I'll be able to get back to this model and bring it up to par.

  5. Werewolf8

    Looking good man. give a heads up here whenever you start a wwg thread, keep us in the loop. 8)

  6. Zombie Ad

    Nice, like the bright green. Expanding on Tommygun's comment. I wouldn't be surprised to see a shift into more 'shiny' sci-fi over the next few years.

  7. Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    I have Honda Jazz (Fit) in a yellow/gold so I really need one of these babies to match.

  8. Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    Oh – mixing and matching the body to the hover units is going to be great too!

  9. Christopher Roe

    Becky/WW8: Oh, definitely!

    Zombie Ad: I think that shift already started with games like Infinity, it's just that gaming terrain has been agonizingly slow to catch up with the shiny/clean aesthetic.

    Everybody else: 🙂

  10. Paraplegic Racehorse

    "…I'm going to be posting the Workbench articles for that product on the WWG forum instead of here."

    Please echo them, here. I don't check the WWG site … ever.

  11. Vermin_King


    It was almost as difficult for me to add a WWG link as it was to delete the old Ebbles Forum link. Added the link, but still haven't registered …

    baby steps

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