13 thoughts on “Off to the races!

  1. John C. Morrison

    I'm so excited to see you offer new models again! Yes I know it really has not been that long but between WWG and yourself you keep me from getting bored.

  2. Capricorn

    And a toast to our Chris, back in front line, were he belongs!

    Nice start man. Me is waititng for more 🙂

  3. ArmorBimbo

    Awesome! Looks great!

    I know you said you won't likely expound on the blog in the future for some WWG releases, but please continue to post link from your blog.

  4. RRatliff

    Hey, gratz, Chris! I was worried when you said Denny made you grunge it up, but the model looks great in the WWG setting. You're right, it isn't over the top ar all. I like your take on the WWG glass, too.


  5. Christopher Roe

    Alexio: Thanks!

    Becky: Thanks, and I prefer subtle grunge myself, so you can safely assume that I'll stop well short of the "this belongs in a junkyard" point. 🙂

  6. Tommygun

    I keep thinking of Mods for it.
    I want to scale it up in size and add a long meddle section,then use it as a city buss.
    I could even turn them into individual cars for a mono rail system.
    At lease one yellow car is going to get black and white checks……

  7. RRatliff

    One or two rusty old pieces of junk add some variety, but you don't want more than that unless you're doing Mad Max or something. That's why I really would like to see them fix the problems with layers so designers could use the technology with more confidence that it wouldn't cause problems for their customers. It would be nice to be able to build anything from showroom new to a rust bucket.


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