Pain in the glass

Practicing the newfangled WWG way of doing glass. (Clicking takes you to larger images.)

Not sure what I think of it. I mean, it looks a bit more like real glass now, but it’s…different from the cheesy old hand painted non-metallic-metal effect that was part of my artistic style, and that’s gonna take some getting used to. Oh, well. You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

9 thoughts on “Pain in the glass

  1. Werewolf8

    I like it for the most part, the one thing that bugs me a litte is how much stuff is being reflected in the glass, looks a little too busy.

  2. Christopher Roe

    Yeah. Practice.

    My first attempts had sparser reflections, but they looked too much like solid vector fills or cheesy gradient fills, so I used a somewhat busier image. That made the glass effect work a bit better, but I still had trouble accepting it as glass.

    A few more attempts followed, and I found that the busier the reflection map was, the more convincing the glass effect was. However, that also makes for overly busy reflections, which is displeasing to the eye. Bleh.

    There's a balance in there somewhere. At this rate, I think I'll probably find it sometime in 2026.

  3. Werewolf8

    i got it. i do like it, that was just a minor quibble. it wouldn't stop me from making a fleet of them. 8)

  4. zorg

    I like it a lot. I think it gives a great extra detail, where the result is more than the sum of the parts.

  5. Tommygun

    I like the glass.
    As it is right now would be fine, but maybe just fade it a little if you think it is too much.

  6. Zombie Ad

    I like it. Looks like the texture is a shot from inside a steel framed glass atrium. Lends itself well to putting the model in amongst some glazed buildings.

  7. Christopher Roe

    Vermin King: That reminds me, I need to see if I can find the Canon stuff on sale.

    Zombie Ad: Oh, good, that was the impression I was hoping to get across with the reflections.

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