Wash Me

Grunging things up a bit, as that’s another WWG signature element that Denny requested I play with.
I wanted to split the difference between the Ebbles and WWG levels of grunge. I thought my first attempt was fine until I parked a Brio in a backdrop created from elements of an upcoming Titan set–to my surprise, the vehicle looked much too clean and a bit out of place, so I went back and dialed up the grunge until it started to harmonize with the environment.



It looks like an old beater that a college kid bought for 500 credits, which works just fine for me because I like the future to look a little bit lived-in.

7 thoughts on “Wash Me

  1. Tommygun

    I prefer less grunge, but I can see why they would need to make it fit in with the rest of their terrain sets.
    Would WW allow for multi layered pdfs so the end user could choose what level of grunge to put on there vehicles?

  2. Christopher Roe

    Nope. Layered PDFs only work under certain circumstances, such as when you have a largely static model and all of the layer elements are small portions of the image. Grunge is pretty much full-page, so you'd just end up with something that weighs as much as a separate set of clean and dirty PDFs, plus the extra hassle of faffing around with eyeballs at printing time and not playing nice with third party PDF readers.

    Bottom line, these vehicles are intended to complement WWG scenery as mobile props, so it makes sense for them to play by WWG's visual rules and therefore blend in aesthetically.

  3. Werewolf8

    I think it looks pretty good this way. Not as cartoon grungy as their usual style on vehicles. Plus, for those of us who are gimp ninjas, we can handle de-grungification if we want to.

  4. RRatliff

    I'd prefer less grunge. WW8, why don't you post a tut for removing/toning down grunge layers? It would come in handy for a lot of Worldworks models. Also for getting rid of extraneous cans and chip bags. 🙂


  5. Capricorn

    It makes sense to me. The SF vision of the WW line is "Blade Runner" not "Demolition man".

    The future is polluted, grim and dirty, car just follows.

  6. Christopher Roe

    Well, I did keep the grunge subtle. It's there, but it's not in-your-face-there once printed. 🙂

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