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My old catalog is finally starting to come back online. (This post is kind of overdue, actually, but I’ve been really busy lately!)

WWG have added a section to their catalog juuuuuust for my oldie-but-goodies. You can take a peek here: Ebbles Labs

I started with the UD-41, M722 LEV, and Convoy, as they didn’t require any extra work. I also combined the 4×4 GPV, the 6×6 APV, and the weapon ring pack into a new set named Patrol, because convoys need protection.

Just a few of the things I’m working on updating:

Updated LV86 Onager with cargo trailer

Updated LV86 Onager with tank trailer

Updated Field Camp WIP (125% larger, refreshed textures)

In other news, the HL 300 and Podtel will appear on the WWG storefront sometime in August.

17 thoughts on “Ebbles Labs

  1. Christopher Roe

    Just the cargo trailer and the fuel/water tank trailers. I liked the "overgrown BV 206" look and wanted to keep to that as much as possible.

  2. Squirmydad

    Not to be pushy, would you consider adding a flatbed trailer to the set?

    Will it be possible to hitch multiple trailers together?


  3. Christopher Roe

    I wasn't gonna do a flatbed, initially, but now I'm really torn because I had this idea for generator trailers, container trailers, and a bunch of other things.

    Yes, the trailers can be daisy chained. The towing gear is functional, it's a 2 piece hook and loop setup that glues to the front/rear slopes of the chassis itself.

  4. Doug

    Me want the trailers to go with the Onager sets I already have.

    Will there be any differences in the Onager themselves or will they be the same as what you previously released, just with the trailers? If I have to I will bite the bullet and repurchase the Onager just for the trailers. Unfortunately what was already released over in Ebbles Lab on WWG already own via the Archive DVD and in the case of Patrol, purchased before you closed your site.

  5. Squirmydad

    Cool about the towing gear.

    No sweat about the flatbeds, they'd just be a good place to drop a box trailer, or a stack of collapsed FUS's (FUSi?) to transport into some desolate locale.

  6. Werewolf8

    Looking forward to a refresh on the field camp. still one of my favorite all time sets. 8)

  7. Werewolf8

    btw, are the equipment on the poles to be solar collectors? if so then it would be cool if the support rod under each panel also doubled as a glow rod. efficient way to light up your camp. 8)

  8. Christopher Roe

    Doug: The only change I made to the Onager model itself was the rear door. It's no longer a bottom-hinged ramp, it's 2 side-hinged doors. (The ramp doesn't make any engineering or ergonomic sense when you hitch up a trailer.)

    Squirmydad: The reason I left out flatbeds initially was because I envisioned the Onager as being something that was primarily delivered from orbit, and it's more adapted to hostile environments and rough flight conditions than conventional logistics vehicles, so enclosed cargo pods made more sense as they could be unit-loaded, sealed, and protected from vacuum and other conditions that a normal truck would be unlikely to encounter.

    WW8: Those are light standards. They're for illuminating the campsite at night so the hot lady scientist doesn't get eaten by ravenous alien bear-grues on the way to the latrine enclosure at 3AM.

  9. Tommygun

    Christopher Roe said… "They're for illuminating the campsite at night so the hot lady scientist doesn't get eaten by ravenous alien bear-grues on the way to the latrine enclosure at 3AM."

    I think I saw that movie. But she got her clothes eaten just before being swallowed by it.

  10. Christopher Roe

    WW8: 🙂

    Tommygun: Yeah, what's up with that? Every other scene, it's like she loses another piece of apparel. I want to know who makes those clothes so we can avoid buying such shoddy garments.

    Hauptgefreiter: Yeah, the new logo was Denny's idea. Once I stopped laughing, I decided we had to keep it for sure.

  11. John C. Morrison

    I love the updates! The field camp is also a favourite of mine. The updated Onager is a really great idea!!

  12. Joe

    Behind the curve here due to family issue but I wold like to add my voice to the fans and say that I am highly impressed with the current work.

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