Taxicab WIPs

We’re in the home stretch as far as the new WWG storefront is concerned, so it’s going to be crunch time for me between now and launch. Before I fall off the radar, however, I wanted to leave you guys a little update to tide you over while I’m scarce.

My current spare time project is a taxicab. I also plan to do patrol car and regular sedan variants.

I didn’t get to spend much time on it because I’ve been busy with work stuff, so it took a while to get to the point where there was something to show. It still needs door handles and some other details that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet.
Ignore the goofy medallion number–I use the characters ‘9’ and ‘M’ as quickie placeholders because they’re the widest number and letter pair, which makes figuring out font sizes and lettering dimensions a snap because any other series of characters will fit within the same space. I’m going to be using Photoshop’s data-driven graphics functionality to create several different versions of the same skin with different medallion numbers later on.

12 thoughts on “Taxicab WIPs

  1. Topo Solitario

    Can you please make a cab scheme from the cab company from… uh! just kidding! 😀

    This line of vehicles is turning out really coherent, like a true family, all unique but still in the line of the family.

    Extreme good work… My only question lauched through the empty air is… how will it be a military humvee in this fashion? hum…

    And another hummm…

  2. emergencyoverride

    Dude that looks awesome! Ready to shoot it up with some police cars!!! I love that movie.

  3. Tommygun

    I really like how you did the hover pods.
    It allows the vehicle to be used as ether a hover car or a ground vehicle.
    It just looks natural, if that makes sense.

  4. RRatliff

    Great job! 🙂 This line is really shaping up. You need fire trucks and ambulances, too. Delivery trucks. A garbage truck. Buses–city and school. A sandwich truck. Utility trucks. What else do you see driving around any big city?


  5. Christopher Roe

    I'm glad you guys like it.

    Becky: The bus comes right after this model–the rationale being that yellow cabs and buses gets you over halfway towards a NYC-style ambience, so building up a bumper crop of those gets you a lot of mileage while I round out the rest of the line. As for what else I want to do…well, everything!

    Grif: Heh. 🙂

  6. Tommygun

    The sandwich truck is a good idea for a custom mod Becky.
    A tow Truck/wrecker is a common sight in NY city too.

  7. Werewolf8

    that looks great as usual. keep em coming. the previews are keeping me alive. 8)

  8. RRatliff

    Mel: Right. A good alternate paint job for the bus would be a police livery. Lots of scenarios revolve around prisoner transport.

    Tommy: I thought of that after I posted, the basic delivery truck shape would work. I don't have the graphics skills to do it, though.


  9. glenn williams

    Now you need a taxi stand by the airport where they can all ignore you. Good job. I really love your base textures–they look like it really needs a quick run through a car wash before Princess Kate gets in one.

  10. Christopher Roe

    WW8: 🙂

    Becky: I'm looking forward to doing some food trucks because they'll be a serious graphic design challenge. As for buses in police livery, I was actually thinking of a mobile command post, but a prisoner transport works as well.

    Glenn: Heh.

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