Quick health update

Payday arrived, and I was able to visit a walk-in clinic yesterday morning. Turns out a large part of the severity of my symptoms over the past few weeks was due to a case of bronchitis that followed on from the cold, so it wasn’t the sudden worsening of my allergy-induced asthma that I feared it was. I’ve been prescribed antibiotics and a new bronchodilator, and should be my old self again soon.

8 thoughts on “Quick health update

  1. northernheathen

    Glad its not as bad as you thought.
    Ive just been given the all clear, they thought i was developing M.S. thankfully the test decided its just old age.

  2. Christopher Roe Post author

    Thanks, guys. 🙂

    northernheathen: I’m glad you dodged that proverbial bullet!

    I’m already feeling a lot better as of this morning, so the treatment is working.

  3. Vermin King

    Glad you are feeling better.

    ‘Funny it doesn’t feel like the economy is improving, but who am I to question our government.’

  4. Glenn Williams

    As I get older, the after effects of a cold or flu stick around much longer–cold went bye bye two weeks ago and just yesterday my coughing was almost gone. Welcome to the wrinkle brotherhood. 🙂

  5. Christopher Roe Post author

    Holy incipient decrepitude, Batman! I think you’re right–I’ve noticed over the years that things get a little bit harder to shake every year. 😀

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