Feline Dynamics In The Ebbles Household

We have 3 indoor cats (Ivanka, Ruthie, and Speckles) and one grizzled outdoorscat (Mack) who kind of adopted us. We took Mack in to get fixed and get his shots at the local vet a couple months ago, and he’s been coming inside for a visit every now and then.

Speckles is Mrs E’s cuddly 18 pound sweetheart. He’s big, friendly, and still thinks he’s a kitten. He wants to play with anything and everything.ย Mack is equally lovable and cuddly to people, but he’s still 13 pounds of lean, mean, muscular, battle-scarred alley cat. He’s friendly enough to other cats ย in a sort of “Nice to meet you, now piss off” kind of way, and holds dogs in disdain.

The two get along great…for a few minutes at a time. The problem is Speckles can’t take a hint, and Mack’s not used to other big male cats wanting to play, and immediately assumes they’re after his Lucky Charms. Hilarity frequently ensues, and Mack goes back outside until their next play date.

It hit me earlier that I can perfectly cast those 2 cats in a movie with the following actors:

Danny Trejo as Mack the Cat

Bill Fagerbakke as Speckles

Yep. Perfect.

3 thoughts on “Feline Dynamics In The Ebbles Household

  1. TOPO

    Too many time without hearing anything from you!!! I thought there were some trouble going on… glad to see all trouble are just… cats! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Christopher Roe Post author


    Yeah, I haven’t been posting here much because most of my spare time is taken up by Genet Models, so I haven’t had lots of time for my other hobbies or personal observations as of late.

    I still need to do a painting article for my Defiance Games marines, a couple of product reviews I’ve been procrastinating on, and I also have an mini-essay on programming that needs a polish pass. I’ll probably be finishing up those things sometime over the holidays.

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