7 thoughts on “We’re live!

  1. Becky R.

    Also meant to say, the video is fascinating. I can’t wait to play this game. Now to check out that headset!

  2. Becky R.

    LOL the first 10% is the easy part, that’s the relatives, friends, inlaws and outlaws and everybody who’s been waiting to buy in from the minute they heard about it. Soon as it went live they all pounced. Now the other 90% is the hard part, but word of mouth ought to help. Now where can we reply to posts and stuff to help generate buzz?

  3. Christopher Roe Post author

    That’s a good point. 😆

    The backer forums are supposed to be up within a couple of weeks and fully live once the Kickstarter funds. Most of the current chatter is on the KS page, the Facebook page, and scattered across the Internet. We also have a dev blog at http://www.thegallerygame.com that we’re going to be making heavy use of alongside the backer forum.

  4. Christopher Roe Post author

    Thanks! Yeah, it was a heck of a nail-biting ride. Time for me to post an update here!

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