Some of my favorite OS X apps

Happy belated New Year’s! I’m waiting for a folder sync to complete and figured I’d hop onto the blog and post something.

While getting to know my Mac, I came across some cool apps that I really like. It’s not a comprehensive or authoritative list, it’s just a short list of stuff that I personally like.

  • Sublime Text 2 for light coding
  • Versions for SVN repository stuff
  • Transmit for FTP access

Automator was also a fun toy to tinker with. Additionally, I’d wanted to get my head around XCode (I got the Mac as an OS X and iOS development machine, after all!), so I ported over one of my quick-and-dirty Windows utilities to Objective-C/Cocoa. It was an interesting experience. I also got a little taste of the terminal and Unix stuff under the hood when installing some additional Python libraries, which was pretty cool.

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