Does this mean Ebbles Miniatures is back in business?

No. I design paper models in my spare time, and the people who like my work keep me supplied with coffee and pizza in exchange for it. I’m perfectly content with that arrangement and have no intention of making any more out of it than that.

In late 2011, I started another business (Genet Models) with the intention of getting into 3D printed items and print-on-demand paper models, but I haven’t made any serious investments or movement in those directions yet. In the meantime, “Ebbles”, “Chez Ebbles”, and “Ebbles Labs” are considered imprints/brands of Genet Models for tax and recordkeeping purposes.

Why not just give away your stuff for free?

Because e-commerce development is one of my other hobbies. Having something to sell simplifies that considerably. 🙂

Is there a story behind your pricing?

The current pricing model is based around 2 value tiers:

  • Coffee
  • Pizza

Small models are worth a bag of coffee, big models are worth a pizza. About 30% of the price goes to taxes and payment gateway fees, plus the first $31.45 in sales goes towards the month’s website hosting and support services. The rest of it finances my coffee and pizza habits.

Are you still with WorldWorksGames?

Yes. My duties over there are focused primarily on website development, technical support, and helping administer their forum and storefront. Sometimes I’ll dabble in model design over there or add new stuff to the Ebbles Labs section of their storefront, but for the most part, model design tends to be something I do in my spare time.

How does the crowdfunding thing work?

Some projects I undertake are crowdfunded. When you support a crowdfunded project, you’re making it easier for me to justify spending more time on larger projects, and you gain access to beta files early. Work starts on a crowdfunded project when the first pledge rolls in and ends when the project is completed. If, for any reason, a crowdfunded project cannot be completed, your money is refunded.

How long should I wait for a download link after buying something?

First things first: if you paid by PayPal, check the inbox of the email address associated with your PayPal account. Even if you have multiple email addresses on the same PayPal account, only the primary email address is returned by PayPal when they send the message that approves your order. That address will be the one all links and emails are sent to. (See the next FAQ entry below for a solution.)

If you bought a product that has already been released, you shouldn’t have to wait more than an hour at the most because file delivery is automated and links are usually emailed out within seconds or minutes of a successful order. Please get in touch with me immediately if you don’t receive your files within an hour of purchase.

If you’re sponsoring a crowdfunded project during the funding phase, the fulfillment terms will be spelled out in the project description. Generally, if you sponsor a project before any files have been shipped, then you won’t receive any links until I ship the first beta files. If you sponsor a project after files have already been shipped, you should immediately receive a catch-up email with the latest beta download links. In that case, you also shouldn’t wait more than an hour either–get in touch with me so I can sort it out for you.

Can I have my links and emails sent to a different email address on future orders?

Yes. Just contact me with your request. Provide your old email address and the email address you want to use instead. I’ll set up an alias for you that maps your new email address to the old one. You can also request a proper name alias in cases where you’re using a relative’s PayPal account but want the emails to refer to you by your own name. No nicknames or screen handles, please.

If I change my email address, will that affect my downloads?

Not if you let me know about it. Just contact me, let me know your old and new email addresses, and I’ll sort it out.