Game Development

I’ve dabbled in both tabletop and video game development for years, and this is a log of my journey. All annual entries are in newest-first order.



  • Created a generic 3D model viewer/turntable app in Unity.
  • Created an interactive set of 3D assembly instructions in Unity.
  • Created a 3D walkaround for one of my paper models in Unity.


  • Experimented with Javascript-powered interactive fiction authoring systems for the Amazon Kindle.


  • Experimented with some off-the-wall papercraft-specific applications for Unity.
  • Started playing with Unity. Created a simple primitive-based modeler with a LEGO brick approach to get a feel for it.
  • Played around a bit with the Panda 3D game engine.


  • Created a client/server text MUD skeleton in RealBasic as a familiarization exercise and to scratch a nostalgia itch.
  • Created an interactive Javascript mission planner and mapping tool for Guncrawl.
  • Developed Guncrawl, a tabletop sandbox “dungeon crawl” game with a science fiction theme for Ebbles Miniatures.


  • Played around with several other game development middleware systems like DXStudio, GameMaker, Nebula Device, and others.
  • Got into Operation Flashpoint scripting and experimenting with machinima using OFP scripting and mods.


  • Dabbled in Direct3D/OpenGL programming using Visual Basic libraries.
  • Created a simple gunship flight simulator in 3D RAD, with first-person cockpit view and 3rd person follow view, homing missiles with realistic-feeling flight performance, functioning guns, and roving enemy AI tank opponents.
  • Created several DarkBASIC tech demos to familiarize myself with basic 3D concepts.
  • Created skin modifications for Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, bringing over 100 realistic camouflage uniforms from around the world into the game.


  • Branched out into 2D tile-based games with Visual Basic, using GDI.
  • Started writing my own roleplaying game rules and tinkering with realistic algorithms for simulating real-world actions with dice rolls.
  • Learned Visual Basic by writing tools that hooked into America Online chat and IM windows. I wrote a dice roller, combat resolution system, and additional roleplaying game elements that helped gamemasters run roleplaying games in AOL chat rooms.


  • Learned BASIC on a Texas Instruments TI-99 attached to a 13″ black and white television. Game code was distributed in printed magazines, and this was my first exposure to game programming.
  • Introduced to Terrapin LOGO on the Apple IIe, which started my fascination with computers.