Project: Hangar Bay

Project Details: Hangar Bay

A hangar bay set for Colonial Forces vessels, which can be used for dioramas or miniatures gaming.

Planned Releases

  • Series I: Aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Series II: Structural elements.

Series I Planned Content

  • VU-22E Percheron EW platform
  • VU-22M Percheron gunship
  • VU-22K Percheron tanker
  • Crotale IV fighter
  • SF-19 Apsara fighter
  • VU-26 Haflinger combat shuttle
  • Small tow tractor and towing gear
  • Start carts and rolling toolboxes
  • Boarding ladder
  • Munitions dollies
  • Servicing equipment
  • Diorama tiles and walls

Concept Art/Sketches

Series II Planned Content

-to be determined-

Workbench History

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