Project: Spaceport

Project Details: Spaceport

A spaceport complex, done as a series of releases. This project is a consolidation of several supporter requests made during the development of the VT-3 Pinzgauer.

Planned Releases

  • Series I: Spaceport vehicles. This will contain the vehicles and prop elements you would expect to see in a spaceport. Done separately so they can be used with any existing tiles or scenery you already have.
  • Series II: Spaceport structures. Focus will be on appropriately themed structures like terminals, control towers, hangars, utility buildings, and so forth.

Series I Planned Content

  • Aircraft tug: Large, low-slung, heavy 4-wheeled towing vehicle. Done!
  • Tow bar: Allows the tug to handle wheeled spacecraft. Done!
  • Ground handling unit: Allows the tug to handle spacecraft that have landing skids or feet instead of wheels. Done!
  • Runabout: Small car for security patrols, customs, and admin use. Done!
  • Pickup truck: 4×4 open bed pickup truck with options for standard or crew cab.
  • SUV: Variant of the pickup truck with a SUV body.
  • Pickup truck options: Open and enclosed utility beds, bucket lift, bed shell, duallie wheels.
  • Heavy truck: Large 6-wheeled truck chassis.
  • Heavy truck options: Refueling vehicle, catering truck, de-icing truck, snowplow.
  • Van: People carrier/cargo carrier with various chassis options.
  • Maintenance/servicing platform: Scissorlift platform, about 3-4 inches tall.
  • Rolling stairs: For boarding spacecraft on the ground.
  • 30T cargo handler: Low-slung, wide, driver’s cab on one side, load bed with conveyor belt, feeds palletized or containerized cargo.
  • Cargo containers: 3 sizes. Short, medium, and long. 1 long = 2 mediums, 1 medium = 2 shorts. Multiple liveries.
  • Firefighting vehicle: Wheeled airport-style crash tender.
  • Mobile lounge: Enclosed crew/passenger transfer vehicle with flex-collar coupling and scissorlift platform.
  • Support carts and tractor: Baggage carts, air conditioning units, auxiliary power units, and a little tractor to tow them around.

Series II Planned Content

-to be determined-

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