Web Development

An ongoing annual log of my adventures in web development.


  • Integrated Stripe payment gateway into Ecwid shopping cart.
  • Created PHP5-powered website for Genet Models. Integrated Ecwid shopping cart.
  • Created an AJAX-powered project crowdfunding system from scratch for Chez Ebbles.
  • Created a testbed PHP/MySQL/Javascript powered e-commerce website for Chez Ebbles to test several cutting-edge features: HTML5 local storage, PayPal Express Checkout for Digital Goods, prices based on live currency exchange rates, and more.


  • Hired by WorldWorksGames to create an all-new website from scratch using PHP5, MySQL, and Javascript. Wrote a shopping cart, user authentication system, content management system, news module, image swapper module, secure file delivery system, accounting module, administration backend, artist commission calculations, customer account module, and a fine-grained user permissions system.


  • Integrated Ecwid shopping cart into Ebbles Miniatures website, replacing previous E-Junkie solution.


  • Created a PHP/MySQL/Javascript-powered drag and drop mission map designer for Ebbles Miniatures’s Guncrawl tabletop game.


  • Integrated E-Junkie shopping cart and download delivery functionality into Ebbles Miniatures website for 2008.
  • Experimented with a shopping cart feature that allowed customers to customize the colors of a paper model in their browser before checkout.
  • Wrote entirely new PHP/MySQL/Javascript shopping cart system from scratch for Ebbles Miniatures, integrated Sitelok and Linklok scripts into download delivery system.


  • Overhauled Ebbles Miniatures website, starting with a standard CubeCart 2 install. Modified the installed CubeCart codebase to support digital goods long before the official product did.


  • Created a HTML website for Ebbles Miniatures with a secure download delivery system written in Perl, and integrated 2Checkout’s shopping cart and payment services.


  • Created a Heavy Gear II fan site that made extensive use of IE’s DHTML features, filters, and some Javascript.
  • Created The Rogue Spear Couturier, a Rainbow Six: Rogue SpearĀ game modification website focused on character skins.
  • Started learning HTML by creating several basic and rather cheesy HTML pages hosted on America Online.