Monthly Archives: June 2008

Another squad of New Israelis

I painted up a second squad of 15mm New Israelis a few days after the first, this time in a tan scheme using straight Vallejo Khaki instead of the 1:1 Caiman Green/Khaki mix. At that size, color-coding the teams seemed to be the simplest way of differentiating one player’s team from another.

GZG New Israelis and Xenomorphs

These are my 15mm New Israelis and Xenomorphs from Ground Zero Games, which I painted up for a 15mm sci-fi “dungeon crawl” style game.

The New Israelis’ full body armor suits were painted with a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Caiman Green and Khaki. Their weapons and equipment were painted with a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Black and Cold Grey.

The armor and weapons were washed with a 1:4:8 mix of Vallejo Black, water, and Future Floor Finish for shading. The high points on the armor were then touched up again with the Caiman Green/Khaki mix after the wash dried, the visors were painted with Vallejo Glorious Gold, and the bases were done in the same 1:1 Black/Cold Grey mix. I then applied some PVA glue to the bases, and sprinkled on some black sand. The whole thing was then sealed with a coat of Future Floor Finish, and then I used Vallejo Matte Varnish on the armor and weapons. The visors were left unvarnished so they would remain shiny.

The Xenomorphs and egg clusters were simply painted in a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Black and Cold Grey, washed with the same Black/water/Future mix, and then drybrushed with the black/grey base color again. Basing was done the same way as the New Israeli figures, and then sealed with a coat of Future Floor Finish.

I left the Xenomorphs in the glossy Future clearcoat because I liked the way the gloss lends a nice specular highlight to all the minute detail on them. The egg clusters got a coat of Matte Varnish because they looked a bit funny in the glossy clear coat.

The facehuggers were basecoated with Vallejo Earth and washed in the same way as the other figures, highlighted with a few progressively lighter mixes of Earth and Bone White, then sealed with Future Floor Finish and a layer of Matte Varnish.