Monthly Archives: June 2012

As The Woof Turns, Season 3

Both of my hands are very nearly at 100% again after spending yesterday and today recovering from the dog bites. The pain is almost nonexistent. There’s just a slight twinge when I move my right thumb. My dexterity is still not all the way back, but I’m otherwise fully functional. Which is great, because it means I can get back to work without making anything worse. 😀

The doggy drama isn’t over with yet, though. Earlier today, we’d put the dog out in the backyard for a little while, and when I went out to bring her back in, she was gone. I was flummoxed because there aren’t any holes in the fence and the little beast lacks two of the necessary attributes for easily opening and closing gates: opposable thumbs and height. So, I went all over the place looking for her in case she’d somehow managed to phase through the fence, and I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that someone had deliberately taken the dog from out of our backyard.

So I messaged Mrs E and told her somebody’d pinched the dog. She called the church volunteer who was dealing with our neighbor’s financial and medical needs, and he told her the dog was with him at the nursing home. Apparently, our neighbor’s sister in law just brazenly barged into our backyard and took the dog with her for a visit without so much as leaving a note on the back door.

I was pretty pissed about it. No, I don’t particularly like that dog, but still. I was responsible for her, I’m highly territorial, and I resent the fact that I wasted 45 minutes running all over the place because some bulbous, inconsiderate clownshoe couldn’t be bothered to take 30 seconds to leave a quick note letting me know that the dog was OK and with her owner.

The little beast is back here now, safe and sound. I don’t know whether to be relieved or distraught about it, to be honest. 😆

Back to work for me. 🙂