My name is Christopher Roe. I’m a senior programmer at Cloudhead Games and a virtual reality developer. In my spare time, I’m a web developer, 3D modeler, papercraft designer, and graphic artist. I wear lots of hats!

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Gin and our cats.

Contact Information

Employment and Contract Work

  • Cloudhead Games: Senior Programmer, 2015-present
  • Cloudhead Games: Lead Programmer, The Gallery: Six Elements. 2013-2015
  • Genet Models: Owner. 2012-present
  • WorldWorksGames: Webmaster, store admin, forum admin, designer. 2011-2012
  • Ebbles Miniatures: Owner. 2003-2011

Before 2003, I bounced around a variety of entry-level jobs. In no particular order, I’ve worked as a trade show production coordinator, graphic designer, office temp, worked in the produce department of a grocery store, bagged groceries, washed cars, delivered pizzas, worked in a daiquiri factory, hauled trash at a large hospital, and worked for a landscaping firm.


  • E-commerce development: This may sound weird, but I love trying out things like abstruse PayPal APIs, new shopping carts, and interesting ways of selling stuff online.
  • Papercraft: There’s something cathartic about cutting out and folding up bits of paper into 3D models.
  • Gaming: I like board games, adventure games, and humorous games.
  • Miniature Painting: I like to paint little toys and models. It’s relaxing and good for your hand-eye coordination.
  • 3D demos and scripting: I like to play around with tools like Unity, DarkBasic, and games that offer a scripting interface.