Stupid Bitz Tricks #1: Cadian Parasite Zombies!

Here’s a silly conversion I did after realizing that the Adrenal Gland piece on the basic Tyranid Biomorph sprue looked an awful lot like a cross between an armored brain and a Facehugger from Aliens. I figured it’d be funny to do a parasite zombie that lurches around with a grenade in one hand.

I took a plastic Cadian figure, one of the “throwing a grenade” arms, and a grenade launcher left arm, and then set to work.

I glued the adrenal gland bit to the face of the Cadian, then cut the left hand off at the wrist so I could rotate it a bit, and filled in the gap between the helmet and the adrenal gland with Squadron modeling putty.

This conversion, in total, took about 20 minutes to do, from finding the bits in my bitz box to getting it all glued together.

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