The Lounge is now open

I added an embedded Nabble forum for those occasional moments when blog comments don’t cut the mustard. Got questions that aren’t relevant to one of my blog posts? Just wanna chat about something random? Got stuff you wanna share? Grab the hot beverage of your choice and pull up a stool in the Lounge!

No registration needed or anything like that–it’s optional, and you can just go straight to the posting bit without any account hassles.

7 thoughts on “The Lounge is now open

  1. Anonymous

    not really anon my work computer doesn't like the other options.
    Good to see we have some where to chill out.
    i'm currently working night duty someones getting hitched over here!
    nice to see some of my favourite models posted here as well, are you still working on the big shuttle or has that been kicked into the long grass.


  2. Christopher Roe

    The Pinzgauer? I'm fantasizing that one day maybe I'll be able to afford a new computer that can handle 4096x4096px textures. Once that day arrives…oh, yes.

    There's a lot I still want to do. I'm just kind of sidelined with weak hardware, an empty wallet, an uncertain employment future, and big dreams. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    No Problems will keep looking in here when things get quieter, i forgot your main computer decided to rollover and die, thats happened a few times with me just as i'm about to deliver an important briefing, just a tad embarrasing.

  4. Hot4Darmat

    Hey Hot4Darmat here. Nice to see the new digs. Great to see you finding a new groove. I'll miss the blaring white and yellow screen of the old site, but this is nice. still lots of white and yellow. OK, gotta go, must avert my eyes now.

  5. Christopher Roe

    Heh. I wanted to keep at least some vestige of the old Ebbles site purely for the sake of comfort and familiarity, and the 2 biggest things in that department were the name and the color scheme.

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