Blogger outage

I wasn’t able to post for a while because of technical issues that Blogger was having. More information here: Blogger Buzz status update

As a consequence of those issues, they took 30 hours of content offline in the process of rolling back to an earlier stable version, so some of my recent posts and their comments disappeared. Those issues seem to have been resolved now. I nearly went into withdrawal.

Edit: No, they’re not resolved yet. Comments are still missing, and the timestamps were off. Guess they’re still working on things.

5 thoughts on “Blogger outage

  1. Will

    Darn finally sheesh! I was on here the last couple of days and saw posts come and go…thought I was losing it…

    Anyway glad they resolved that.

    I wanted to say so sorry to hear about the PSCS5Ext debacle. That seriously blows! Also, they Teacher/Student version does not restrict commercial releases (as far as I am aware…)

    Just wanted to mention that.

    Good luck and congrats on a new Laptop with some serious horsepower!


  2. Christopher Roe

    Well, even if the educational version is usable for commercial work, signing up for classes at the local community college just to save money on Photoshop is kind of extreme.

    It takes forever to get anywhere on a bus in this town, I'm very uncomfortable in crowds, deaf students cost the state more than they generate in tuition because the schools have to provide interpreters and other accommodations, and I'd still have to pay for tuition, books, bus fare, meals, and all that. It's just not a practical option for me.

    It'd work out great if I were already in school to begin with, however. 🙂

  3. glenn williams

    Ah, transport–makes sense. The deaf interpreter is just part of the service we provide. I enjoyed having them in the class rooom–especially when they tried to translate my bad jokes and puns (seriously, I really liked being able to communicate with all my students). Your community college tuition must be a lot higher than ours (roughly $30/unit). Text book prices, though, require the sacrifice of a first born during a full moon that is also a blue moon during a leap year.

    Out here in California with sales tax, the Photoshop CS5 entire suite is about $1500. Tuition, books for one course maybe $300, so for a car driver the break-even point is about $1200. I failed to take account of your extra expenses, though. I hope you can find a good price, though.

  4. Vermin King

    Seems like ALL the blogs are having issues, not just the ones on Blogspot. Several of the blogs I follow are having disappearing topics …

  5. Will

    Online schooling…?

    Anyway, I just wanted to clarify the part about the not being for commercial use. Because that is how my son is getting his copy so cheap.

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