Office Re-Organization

We finally got a start on the second phase of re-organizing my office yesterday. We hauled several hundred pounds of unused shipping boxes and materials to the recyclers, and I recovered just under half of the floor space in my office, and we also donated the huge laser printer to the Salvation Army. I also moved the furniture around a bit so I could make more efficient use of the freed-up floor space, and re-adjusted the shelves on my workstation desk so I could move the laptop back to a more comfortable position.

Today, I spent some time de-cluttering the various tables and putting everything into its new home. As part of that process, I had to pack up all of the business paperwork, printed sales records, the Supply Depot shipping scale, and a bunch of other things. I didn’t think that a sense of awful finality would hit me as hard as it did, and in some strange way, I felt a bit like I was finally laying an old friend to rest after a long terminal illness. I’d pick up some item, and it would remind me of something, and I’d either chuckle or feel a little bit sad. I guess it’s something I was able to push aside in the interest of moving on and taking decisive action, so I never really gave myself the time or the luxury of thinking too hard about it until now.

I also transitioned a lot of stuff over to the new notebook and set up the other hardware to work with it, and I’m composing this post on the new machine. The keyboard is gonna take some getting used to–the spacing and positioning is different enough from my old Gateway convertible that I have to pay extra attention to spelling.

I also found some more stuff that needs to go to a good home. First come, first serve.

  • 2 packs of Copplestone plague zombies, 5 figures each. Metal, unpainted. The original buyer flaked out and never got back to me. Asking $10 plus shipping for each pack.
  • 1 pack of Copplestone zombie troopers, 5 figures. Metal, unpainted. The original buyer flaked out and never got back to me. Asking $10 plus shipping for this pack.
  • My whole Games Workshop bitz box. I just finished culling out all the useless stuff. All plastic parts, either still on the sprue or desprued and bagged. It’s mostly Imperial Guard figure parts. Also included are most of the Stupid Bitz Tricks and Colonial Marine conversions shown elsewhere on the blog, in varying stages of completion, plus a few baggies of Space Marine and Tyranid bitz. 14″ x 10″ x 4″ box. Asking $25 plus shipping for the whole box.

I finally have my papercraft and photo tables back. I also have room for a Detolf display case next to my work desk, and the whole top shelf for models. I should be able to hit the ground running whenever I get back into making new models.

6 thoughts on “Office Re-Organization

  1. glenn williams

    Oh great, now I feel positively lazy. You've reminded me I need to take a day (or six) to redo my studio.

  2. RRatliff

    LOL I don't even want to think about the cleaning job I need to do around here! 🙂 Does this mean we can expect a new model soon?

  3. Christopher Roe

    Glenn: Don't feel bad, I put it off for weeks and weeks.

    Becky: I won't be able to do any new models for a few weeks yet. Still busy with programming work, and part of the reason I went ahead with the office reorganization was because the previous layout made it uncomfortable to type for extended periods of time, and it turned into one of those "before I can do this, I need to do that first" kind of things. Back when I was smoking, I wasn't in the chair longer than a an hour or two at a time before stepping outside for a few minutes, so I was never in the office long enough to notice how badly set up everything was.

    However, since quitting 6 weeks ago, I'm in the chair for much longer periods of time, so the suboptimal office layout was finally getting to me. In addition to having to consciously remind myself to get up and take a short break, I also have to pay more attention to ergonomics and comfort now.

  4. RRatliff

    Well, paying work is a good reason! LOL

    Set a timer to go off and remind you to walk around a little, that's what I have to do. Otherwise I get started on something, and the next thing I know it's four or five hours later, and the next day my back is killing me.


  5. Lord Abaddon of Wormwood


    Touch down on the DVD-Archive, actually last Friday but I missed the post & we have had a long weekend.

    Thanks for sending this though.

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

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